Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tickled Clean Teeth

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Sonicare for Kids.

My husband and were starting to worry that perhaps our daughter, "The May Queen," (who just turned 7!) wasn't doing a good enough job brushing her teeth. She would rush through her brushing, and we were concerned that she wasn't giving all areas of her mouth equal time. My husband had just been to the dentist and suggested that when I went the next week I should check out this electronic toothbrush they were advertising. Sonicare. He thought it might help our May Queen get her teeth cleaner without us having to be the brushing police.

But before I even had the chance to make it to the dentist myself I was offered the chance to test out Sonicare's new toothbrush designed specifically for kids. Kismet, no? I eagerly signed us up.

When the toothbrush arrived we got it charging right away. The May Queen was delighted that she got to choose from three different stick-on faces to decorate the toothbrush. She chose blue. That evening, the brush was ready to use. The May Queen was so excited.

Upon first putting the brush up to her teeth she giggled. GIGGLED! A lot. The vibrating motion was tickling her teeth. She loved it.

The brush gives off a fun musical sound indicating when it's time to switch to a different section of the mouth. It took a bit of instruction for her to understand that rather than moving her wrist she just had to slowly movie the brush over one area until it was time to switch places, but by the second use she was a pro.

And it works. The May Queen LOVES using it. The tickling sensation, as promised in the directions, lessens with each use as your mouth gets accustomed to the motion of the brush. The May Queen looks forward to using it, and undoubtedly spends more time brushing than she did before. The timer on it is fantastic, it keeps her from rushing like she did with her regular brushing routine. About a week after she began using it SHE visited the dentist. He was pleased to hear she was using Sonicare, and told her to keep up the good work.

I would recommend the product on the sheer fact that our 7 year old now enjoys brushing her teeth and spends more time doing so. But I also feel confident saying that it does a better job of cleaning her teeth than she ever did on her own. She has a lot of her permanent teeth already, and I want her to keep them cavity free. I am confident that Sonicare will help us reach that cavity-free goal.

as an aside: Sonicare was kind enough to provide us with an adult version of their toothbrush as well, and I can personally say that it DOES tickle at first (I giggled, too!), you DO get used to it, and my teeth feel VERY clean when I am done. I didn't get to choose a fun stick-on faceplate, but I'll keep using it anyways.

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