Tuesday, November 30, 2010

getting the goods at Home Goods

The good folks at Blogher and Home Goods set me up with a $25 gift card, the only stipulation being that I had to spend it and share with y'a'll what a bought. Hmmm... no downside there!

I had never been in a Home Goods store, and maybe neither have you. It reminded me of a (much cleaner and neater) TJMaxx store... but with no clothes, only... you guessed it... home goods. Lots of kitchen stuff, decorations, Holiday gift items, candles, vases, bedding, bathroom stuff, incidental furniture pieces, etc. All at prices lower than department stores. Oh, and toys. That came in handy with the gift shopping.

I started off just wandering the store to get a feel for what was there, and how to best spend my $25. I kept wishing that I had already moved into my new home, because then I would SURELY have spent the money on myself. But I'm trying to hold off on buying cute house stuff until we move in and figure out what we really want/need. I was tempted to save the $25, but that would be against the rules. So I guess I'll just have to go back and spend my own money.

I think I did pretty well with my $25... it went a long way, don't you think? I bought the cute puppy stacking toy for my godson, the Curious George paint set for a friend's son who adores George, the gourmet doggy treats (Jimmy CHEWS - get it??) for my sister in law's pups, the candles for our advent wreath, and the set of mugs for my best friend from high school (when I had tea at her place the other week she commented that the snowmen mugs we were drinking out of were the only matching mugs she had, and they belonged to the kids. So two pretty, grownup mugs were immediately added to my mental shopping list). The total, with tax, was just over $26. Presents for one adult, two kids, two dogs, and some stuff for my house. For $26. Nice.

(full disclosure... the candles and Jimmy Chews were on clearance, making them extra, extra cheap. Yippee!)

They had some really great little girl stuff that I was SO tempted to buy for my daughter (like a paint your own tea set) but I'm trying to focus on her actual LIST this year, so I restrained myself. They also had a nice selection of Melissa and Doug toys at about half the price you'd find them for at a toy shop. Unfortunately, none of the kids I needed to buy for were quite in the right range for the puzzles and such. They have lots of pretty Christmas stuff and nicely packaged sweet treats, perfect for those secret Santa exchanges (which, for the first time in years, I'm not a part of this holiday).

Thanks, Home Goods. And smart move sending me that card, because I had never been in your store before. But once I close on my new house... I'll be back!

Home Goods and Blogher are giving away one $100 gift card, and 20 $25 gift cards here. Go leave a comment, and if you win... I could really use some housewarming gifts. Hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

You did well, though I'll be happier for you when you do go back to buy the stuff for your own place.

I love the Home Goods store. Here, it is combined with TJ Maxx into one giant place that is really too big to shop all in one day, but it is my first go-to store when I need something I would normally look for at a department store. In fact, we went there for table runners before Thanksgiving, and ended up buying some large serving dishes for the holiday as well.

Kyla said...

Nice job! I've never been in a HomeGoods either...is it a spin-off of Marshalls?

dikvipreal said...

Thank you for sharing.